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3 Ways Contractors Can Pass on Savings to Developers

Date: Wed 1st September 2021

The impacts of Covid, Brexit and climate change have far-reaching consequences on the construction industry and  the world of drylining. The boom in demand for materials, coupled with the increase in pricing has hit small builders and contractors the worst. Delays on material orders can be up to 1 month and the prices of some materials have doubled in the past year. 

The increase in people looking to do home improvements and the easing of lockdowns has led to an unseen level of demand in both smaller DIY jobs and large-scale construction projects simultaneously. The legislation around Brexit has meant delays and complications  getting the supply of materials into the UK. The warmer summers in Scandinavia has decreased the yield of timber, whilst a colder winter in Texas has resulted in less production of chemicals, plastics and polymer.

These shortages and delays increase costs for contractors and developers. But contractors are finding ways to work around these constraints.

What can contractors do to pass on savings to developers?

The solution is  value-engineered savings and resourcefulness. Here are three ways contractors can pass on savings to developers:

Find Good-Value Product Alternatives

Finding new materials to work with requires assessing the quality of the new material, and perhaps learning a new skill, but if you can find a product that does the same job for a lower price, that’s the golden ticket.

For example, the growing demand for timber means timber studs are harder to get hold of and more expensive if you can get a supply. Metal studs are a lower cost alternative. They provide a stronger, stable solution, that is both easier to install and comes at a more cost-effective price.  

Source from New Suppliers

We’ve seen an 11% increase in the cost of fixings recently, and the price of plasterboard has also increased. But by shopping around and using a good supplier you can still find these products at a reasonable price, Tradeline is one such place that offers quality solutions at a competitive price. 

Avoid Order Variations by Being Thorough from the Outset

If you’re a surveyor on a project, then double-check everything is correct and included on the specification before you place your order. It’s wise to avoid placing variation orders as this will keep the costs down. For example, if you know from the outset you need 15mm studs, not 12.5mm then you’ll save time and money.

The drylining contractor should be responsible for helping the surveyor by checking the specifications and recommending the right materials and fittings. 


Despite the challenges the construction industry and drylining contractors are facing in 2021, by working alongside specifiers to find value-engineered savings we can find solutions to keep projects running on time and to budget.

If you’d like some more information on drylining, look at these useful resources:


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